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Mr. Joseph Milton Edmund Ince

Campus Information Technology Services Not Applicable IT Officer Active 662-2002 ext.82041 Check out my Website!

Mr. Ince has developed several software packages for The University of the West Indies -  St.Augustine Campus.

Most notable work:

  • My E-Learning Automated keys system
  • UWI staff portal prototype( research project for digitization of the St. Augustine Campus. 
  • Cocoa Gene bank research database
  • World of work online student portal
  • Campus Security Vehicle permit online system
  • Alumni Database
  • World of Work student ID barcode event check-in system

Prior to his IT Officer role, Mr. Ince was a Research Associate for the Office of the Deputy Principal, and was responsible for coordinating activities within the department of Careers, Co-curricular and Community Engagement.  The role included:

  • Coordinate the timetabling of Co-Curricular courses
  • Design new courses to add to Co-curricular curriculum
  • First Examiner for eight (8) Co-curricular Courses
  • Project Planning and Implementation
  • Research/statistics, evaluation and design of development Projects
  • Provision of staff training.

Prior to joining the University of the West Indies, Joseph was the Director of Incegroup, he has travelled to several parts of the Caribbean to work and is a strong supporter of the Caricom Single Market and Economy (CSME).

He has developed customized databases for almost every industry: Retail, manufacturing, banking, pharmaceutical, dental, tourism, fashion, telecommunications, education and Law firms.

Joseph has wrote for the Caricom Integrationist 2009 issue “Information and Communication Technologies-A Driver for the Region’s Economic Survival”, and was the first Eastern Caribbean national to be a finalist for the Organisation of American States (OAS) innovation award held in Medellin, Colombia in 2008, where Incegroup was one of 30 companies selected out of 850 worldwide.

Incegroup was also mentioned in a book written by Forbes contributor Rob Salkowitz, “Young World Rising: How Youth Technology and Entrepreneurship are Changing the World from the Bottom Up”, which seeks to provide a global view of the perspectives of Generation X and Y, the changing dynamics of demographics, technology and globalization and how these factors are creating new opportunities for poor young world and the old world economies.

Research Interests

  1. Rapid Prototyping Methodology
  2. Software Development
  3. Project Management
  4. Systems Integration
  5. Process work flow

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