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Prof. Hariharan Seetharaman

Graduate Studies (OCR) Not Applicable Professor - Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine Active 662-2002 ext.82003 Check out my Website!

After basic medical (MBBS) degree, gained experience in Internal Medicine for five years. Obtained a post-graduate (MD) degree in Anaesthesiology and was employed with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Barbados for five years before joining the University of the West Indies (UWI), St. Augustine, Trinidad. Primary area of academic specialty is application and validation of ‘prognostic models’ for evaluating risk-adjusted mortality in ICU and other healthcare units. Risk-adjusted outcomes has been the traditional ‘metric of performance’ of any healthcare unit. However, in addition to ‘outcomes’ of patients, ‘process’ of care is also an important aspect of a unit’s real performance. Several innovative models were developed adapting tools from the ‘project management’ arena, for process-based performance appraisal as well as quality improvement of healthcare units. This has been a pioneering work in the area of healthcare management. Cost evaluation /cost-effectiveness analysis is another major focus of research based on which, obtained a PhD in Health Economics. Other areas of research include Clinical Critical Care, Clinical Anaesthesia, Medical Ethics, Pain Management, General Surgery and Medical Education.

  1. As the Director, Graduate Studies and Research (GS&R), serving as the Administrative Head and Coordinator of Graduate Studies at the Campus level
  2. Implementing the priorities with respect to postgraduate studies and research working in collaboration with the Faculty Deans of eight (8) different Faculties – Faculty of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Science & Technology, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Food & Agriculture, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Humanities & Education and Faculty of Sports
  3. New Graduate programme developments, scrutinization of curricula and assessments being responsible for all Graduate Studies and Research policies and procedures including the Campus Committee for Graduate Studies & Research
  4. Overseeing professional development, placement and post-doc affairs, and help to determine and promote a focussed research agenda.
  5. Also responsible for fostering the academic strength of programmes, and supporting the educational and professional success of graduate students.
  6. Authorisation of Campus Research and Publication Funds, Approvals of Scholarships for Graduate Students
  7. Stream Anchor for the Graduate Stream of the Digitalization Initiative of the University of the West Indies
  8. Core member of the University Research Ethics Committee

Research Interests

  1. Anaesthesia
  2. Critical Care Medicine
  3. Health Economics
  4. Medical Ethics

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