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ASCE Webinar: Designing Structures for Tsunami Resilience using the New Chapter 6 of ASCE 7-16 (AWI082216) - December 2020


American Society of Civil Engineers

Many coastal areas in the western U.S. are subject to tsunami hazard that is infrequent but potentially extremely destructive. The ASCE 7-16 Tsunami Loads and Effects chapter will become the first national, consensus-based standard for tsunami resilience for use in the states of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, and Hawaii. This webinar provides an explanation of the methodology for tsunami-resilient design of critical and essential facilities, tsunami vertical evacuation refuge structures, and other multi-story building structures. The ASCE 7 provisions for tsunami loads and effects implements a unified set of analysis and design methodologies with design maps based on probabilistic hazard analysis, loads based on tsunami physics, and a structural ultimate strength basis of design.


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