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Dr. Rajini Rani Haraksingh

Life Sciences Faculty of Science and Technology Lecturer - Biotechnology Active 662-2002 ext.85243 Check out my Website!

I am a human geneticist interested in the structure and function of human genomes and the potential for translating this information to improve health outcomes in understudied populations. My work has focused on developing and implementing cutting-edge technologies for investigating the molecular effects of the human genome. In particular, I have worked extensively to demonstrate the use of genome mapping techniques for discovering novel genetic contributors to various human diseases. I completed two Bachelors degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Mathematics and Biology (2005) including a one-year student exchange programme at the University of Cambridge, a PhD from Yale University (2012), and a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University (2015). Currently, I am a Lecturer in Biotechnology in the Department of Life Sciences at The University of the West Indies (UWI) at St. Augustine, Trinidad where I lead a research group focused on human genomics and teach several courses in the undergraduate and postgraduate Biotechnology programmes. I am the director of panomics and chair the biobanking working group of the Yale Transdisciplinary Collaborative Center for Health Disparities Research focused on Precision Medicine (Yale-TCC), a collaborative research study to identify risk and protective factors for chronic, non-communicable disease in Caribbean populations over time. I have also served in the leadership of two non-profit organizations focused on using cutting-edge genomic insights to improve patient outcomes. I was the Vice President of Patient Research at the Rare Genomics Institute (RG), an international non-profit organization that uses genome sequencing technology to gain biological insights into rare disorders. I was a member of the board and chair of the scientific review committee of the Caribbean Cancer Research Initiative, a regional non-profit organization focused on building cancer research capacity in the Caribbean to elucidate the enormous cancer burden. In 2013, I was awarded the Junior Scientist Award for Excellence in Science and Technology from the Trinidad and Tobago National Institute of Higher Education Research Science & Technology (NIHERST) for my research on human genomic variation. My professional aspirations are to be a leading researcher, educator, and advocate for the development of scientific advancement in the Caribbean.

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  1. Human Genetics
  2. Genomics
  3. Bioinformatics
  4. Computational Biology

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