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Prof. Godfrey Steele

Literary, Cultural & Communication Studies Faculty of Humanties and Education Professor of Human Communication Studies Active 662-2002 ext.83038; 82032 Check out my Website!

As a human communication studies scholar, my teaching and supervision, scholarship, research and publications, and service are linked. My research interest in interpersonal, health and strategic human communication reflect distinct but intrinsically and thematically related lines of work. I introduced and coordinated the graduate programme in human communication studies at the University of the West Indies (The UWI) (2009-2017). I also introduced and coordinated programmes in medical communication skills (1995-2004) and a minor (1999-2004) and a major (2004-2009) in communication studies and collaborated/developed interdisciplinary courses in philosophy of education, business communication, business and technical writing, political communication and mediation studies. I am a UWI Premium Teaching Award winner (2000) and have published Health communication in the Caribbean and beyond: A reader (2011). Author of 48 refereed publications including refereed articles, refereed book chapters, refereed monographs/books/journal, refereed conference papers and technical reports, I have also 79 presented/accepted refereed conference papers.  My latest work is a 13-chapter monograph, Health Communication: Principles and Practices (2019)  . It is the first to incorporate Caribbean, Global South and international global research in health communication theory, research and pedagogy applied to professional contexts. It is a companion to Health Communication in the Caribbean and Beyond (2011) which I published. Useful links: Google Scholar  ORCID  UWI Scholar   ResearchGate COVID-19 resources  Health communication resources My NCBI Bibliography

Research Interests

  1. communication studies education
  2. human communication
  3. health and risk communication
  4. medical communication
  5. communication and culture
  6. communication and conflict
  7. communication, culture, and conflict

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    MA Education (1995); PhD Linguistics (2000) more..

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