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Dr. Natasha Sobers

Faculty of Medical Sciences Senior Lecturer Active (246) 417-4226 Check out my Website!

As an epidemiologist and clinical researcher my goal is to contribute to knowledge on prevention and management of Non-Communicable Diseases(NCDs) regionally and globally. My work has so far been rooted in the Caribbean and focused on the social determinants of cardiovascular health. I am committed to transforming the health landscape of small island developing states through the application of sound scientific and evidenced-based practice. My publications so far have focused heavily on epidemiological modeling principles and the exploration of the effects of social determinants on NCDs. As I move into mid-career stage, I am more focused on implementation science and I see a significant role for the use of systems science approaches to dissemination and implementation principles. I believe that reducing premature mortality from non-communicable diseases will best be achieved through a focus on prevention and effective implementation of evidenced-based strategies. My overarching goal is to be involved in work which will provide evidence to guide the most effective use of scarce resources for health improvement in the Caribbean region. I believe that collaborating closely with policy makers to influence decisions on policy, guide, monitor and evaluate and implementation of polices and program is the best way to achieve this goal.

Research Interests

  1. Implementation of cardiovascular disease prevention programmes
  2. Social determinants of cardiovascular disease
  3. Non-communicable Disease Surveillance
  4. NCD policy implementation

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