Scholar Profile: Arlene Fayeann Williams

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Dr. Arlene Fayeann Williams

Para-Clinical Sciences Faculty of Medical Sciences Senior Research Technician Active 662-2002 ; 645-2640 ext.4658 Check out my Website!

“Breaking traditions”

Arlene Faye-Ann Williams-Persad is currently a Lecturer at the University of the West Indies. At The UWI she represents the core teaching and learning tools in the discipline of Pharmacology. As an Educator and a young Research Officer she is dedicated to providing quality scientific knowledge to her stakeholders.
Having worked at The UWI from the beginning of her career, she started as a Student Assistant at the Medical Sciences Library. She pursued her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry where she worked at the Biochemistry Unit as a Research Assistant. She was soon recruited by the Pharmacology Unit as a Laboratory Technician and shortly promoted to Senior Research Technician.

Arlene continued her course of study to complete a Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacology. Her research interests are varied from in vivo studies of herbal extracts on internal organs to antibiotic stewardship and most recently the treatment options for COVID-19 patients with comorbidities. Dr. Arlene Faye-Ann Williams-Persad enjoys relaxing with her family at home or outdoors, "family is the fuel to innovation".

Telephone: 6452640 ext. 4658/4506

Lecturer in Pharmacology and Staff Member at the U.W.I

Research Interests

  1. Antioxidant Activity
  2. Natural Product Chemistry
  3. Phytochemicals
  4. Pharmacy
  5. Herbal Medicine
  6. Traditional Medicine
  7. Ethnopharmacology
  8. Cancer Biology
  9. Clinical Pharmacology
  10. Toxicology
  11. Pharmacodynamics
  12. Drug Metabolism
  13. Clinical Research
  14. Pharmaceutical Development
  15. Clinical Trials

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