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Dr. Maxine Deborah Gossell-Williams

FMS - Basic Medical Sciences Faculty of Medical Sciences Senior Lecturer Active (876) 927-1660-9 Check out my Website!

I am a tenured senior lecturer (associate professor) of Pharmacology in the Faculty of Medical Sciences and coordinator of several courses at the undergraduate and graduate level at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus. I have served as primary supervisor for over thirty research projects and currently hold the position of Programme Coordinator for Masters and PhD programmes in Biomedical Research, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Pharmacology and Physiology.

The Master’s in Biomedical Research is one of the successful graduate programmes that I have developed. The programme offers a comprehensive twenty-two months of research training for entry into doctoral programmes or research oriented careers in government, public sector, independent organizations or research centres. Courses include research methods, reviewing published literature, academic writing, and electives chosen based on student’s interests. Within this context, I am pleased to work with Prof Marvin Reid and Dr. Jean-Louis and NYU Training Team to establish the CaRT-C Institute which will address a critical deficiency in the Caribbean academic workforce by training and mentoring 48 Caribbean investigators to pursue careers in cardiovascular research. Successful completion of this new Institute will establish and sustain a network of UWI scientists to address NCD’s in the Caribbean.

My main area of research relates to evaluation of drug efficacy and safety. For the past eight years I have primarily aimed at fostering a culture of drug monitoring, with special focus of the performance of generic drugs and potential challenges with prescribing patterns. My research also extends to risk of potential interactions; an important national issue as the Jamaican culture has a heavy reliance on plants for medicinal use.

Research Interests

  1. Pharmacovigilance
  2. Drug Interactions
  3. Adverse Drug Reactions
  4. Pharmacology
  5. Translational Research

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