Scholar Profile: Noveck Jaishima Gowandan

Bio Information

Mr. Noveck Jaishima Gowandan

Campus Information Technology Services Not Applicable IT Officer - eLearning Team Lead Active 662-2002 ext.83223 Check out my Website!

Mr Noveck Gowandan has over fourteen years of experience in designing and implementing learning management solutions in public and private-sector organizations, centred around open source technologies. He is also a proponent of regional development and building shared technical capacity through collaboration, demonstrated by his role in a number of international engagements. He is currently a doctoral candidate with his research focused on the complex relationships between IT governance, organizational politics and organizational culture. In addition to his academic pursuits, he also has a significant training portfolio with themes in Open Source, Leadership, Management, Business Continuity, Business Analysis, Project Management and more.

As an advocate of Open Source, Noveck has served as a subject matter expert and represented the Caribbean region on several committees with the Linux Foundation. More recently, he was a key examination and development contributor with the Certiverse platform to deliver tech-industry certifications in a secure online environment. He also maintains a personal website where he publishes tutorials, how-tos, and technical guides around Moodle, Linux and other related technologies.

Noveck is currently the eLearning Team Lead at the St. Augustine campus of the UWI, and also a Cross Campus eLearning Project Manager where he collaborates with a diverse team of eLearning experts across the four campuses on the strategic planning and implementation of eLearning solutions.

Research Interests

  1. IT Governance
  2. Governance
  3. Leadership
  4. Open Source
  5. Organizational Politics
  6. Organizational Culture
  7. IT Management
  8. IT Strategy

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