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Dr. Hannah Regis

Literary, Cultural & Communication Studies Faculty of Humanties and Education Lecturer Active 8686622002 ext 83032 Check out my Website!

I am a Caribbeanist and Black Atlantic scholar, though I have also completed research that centres on Indigenous Studies. My research interests include Caribbean spectrality, haunting, counter-archival engagements, reparative writing, theories of embodiment and cultural memory. My investigations trace widespread and recurring patterns in seemingly unrelated material. The cumulative aim is to historicise, transform and expand upon theories of epistemic injustice while shaping potentialities for recuperation and interventions. I analyze the growing corpus of literature on Caribbean spectrality in a series of articles published in scholarly journals including Caribbean Quarterly, The American Studies Journal (AMSJ), eTropic and The Journal of West Indian Literature. I am interested in supervising postgraduate research on subjects from Caribbean, African (diasporic) literature and comparative literature, including projects with a focus on literary and artistic engagements with the colonial archive and on the literary representations of (neo)colonial violence and cultural memory.  


Research Interests

  1. Postcolonial Pedagogy and Decolonial Praxis; Indigenous Studies; Africana Studies; The Blue and Environmental Humanities; Representations of Violence and Trauma Studies; Hauntology; Mythology and Syncretism; Cultural Memory; Caribbean Literature; Literary Theory

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