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Ms. Annie Paul

FSS - Sir Arthur Lewis ISES Faculty of Social Sciences Senior Publications Officer Active (876) 927-1020 Check out my Website!


1989-91—Co-ordinator, UWI Publishers’ Association. Managed this co-operative association of publishers; produced sales catalogue listing publications of all three ISERs, and all publishing units on campus. Produced UWIPA Newsletter; did numerous desktop publishing projects using Ventura publisher to generate revenue for UWIPA.

1990-92—Assistant Editor, ISER. Managed and produced the ISER Working Paper Series; produced books and monographs. Personally formatted and designed the working papers I produced. Designed and produced the Caribbean Review of Books, a UWIPA publication designed to advertise and promote UWI publications.

August 1992—Present: Publications Officer, in which capacity I have been Head, Publications Section, ISER and subsequently, Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES), Mona. During ISER years had responsibility for working papers, books and monographs, Social and Economic Studies and the Regional Programme of Monetary Studies publications.

Personally redesigned the covers and format of Working Paper series and Books and Monographs and significantly upgraded production values of same. Did the same for RPMS publications.


Responsible for management of Publications section. Duties include acting as managing editor of quarterly journal Social and Economic Studies and supervision of small publishing unit and staff thereof. Under my watch several employees who entered the unit as junior staff have undergone training and education to improve their skills and graduate with degrees.

2001-02: solicited new reviewers and revised review and revision process of SES articles; streamlined submission procedures and internal management of articles submitted; 2003: personally redesigned SES cover and design; invited Orlando Patterson to join Editorial Board of journal; introduced a Notes and Comments section to the journal; 2004-06: initiated and oversaw SES’s inclusion in ProQuest and Ebsco databases; convened meetings with other journal editors to develop a plan to rationalize UWI journals and a position paper on a common services platform for all UWI journals 2007-08: Produced several special issues of SES from papers delivered at SALISES conferences.  2008-09: Have worked with SCIelo to put SES fully online and look forward to actualizing this in the next few months. I also created a blog for Social and Economic Studies.

Throughout this period I have managed the subscription list and prices in such a way as to ensure the journal’s viability in a harsh economic climate during which many journals have been excised from library lists. SES still maintains a healthy subscription base which brings in annual revenue in US dollars.


In 2009-10  I worked with new SALISES Director, Professor Brian Meeks on the selection of a new editorial committee for Social and Economic Studies consisting of 14 members: Editorial Committee members were carefully selected after consultation with research fellows and colleagues at all three institutes with a view to reflecting a better mix of younger scholars, a better representation of women and new subject areas. The first editorial committee meeting was held on March 15, 2010 at the video conferencing facilities at the Open Campus Learning Centre with a number of members at remote locations. Another informal meeting was held in Barbados at the CSA conference with those members who were in attendance there. A number of decisions were made with a view to overhauling and repositioning SES for the 21st century.

In the meanwhile in 2011 I  negotiated an agreement with JSTOR (w w w . j s t o r . o r g), the not-for-profit digital archive, as a result of which the entire back run of Social and Economic Studies, from 1953 to 2010, is now accessible online. This will continue to be updated with a moving wall of three years and means that users at institutions that participate in JSTOR’s Arts & Sciences VI Collection are able to browse, search, download, and print the full-text PDF versions of all past articles from the first issue in 1953 up until the most recent three years of publication. Users are also able to avail of single article delivery, at a cost, through JSTOR. Between EBSCO, ProQuest and JSTOR Social and Economic Studies earned US$8300 in royalties last year in addition to our normal subscriptions intake.

In 2016 an online Policy Research Series was started at the suggestion of Professor Richard Bernal. Two briefs were uploaded and are available at In 2017 Professor Northover initiated a redesign of the series as the Sustainable Futures Policy Brief Series and in April 2018 the first brief, “Building Resilience: Imperative Questions for Caribbean Policymakers and Disaster Risk Management Practitioners” by Barbara Carby, was launched at the SALISES Mona conference.

In 2017 the task of putting SES online with the help of Mona Informatics was completed. The journal is now available electronically with a paid access system at  Volumes 62-67 are now available at this portal.

 In 2020 SES will appear under a new cover and redesigned format. Subscription rates have been updated.


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  1. Politics of culture
  2. cultural politics
  3. art criticism
  4. publishing
  5. journalism
  6. visual culture
  7. cultural criticism

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