UWIScholar Help and FAQ

Supporting your Research

What is UWIScholar?

UWIScholar is an online platform developed by the Alma Jordan Library to showcase the research and expertise of faculty, staff and students across The UWI Campuses. It creates a scholar/researcher profile capturing information such as bio data, research activities and interests, publications, courses taught, public service, consultancies, education & training, grants & funding, awards, affiliations and links to social media accounts.

Who can add works to UWIScholar?

Currently, only faculty and staff of The University of the West Indies Campuses can create a Scholar Profile in UWIScholar. Support will be developed for post-graduate students in the near future.

Why should I put my works in UWIScholar?

Creating a profile and updating your scholarly output in UWIScholar increases the visibility of your research and highlights the research and expertise of The UWI community to a global audience (other researchers, funders and other stakeholders, colleagues at other universities).

What are the benefits of UWIScholar for The UWI and global Community?

UWIScholar is all of the following: a. A searchable experts and research networking database; b. Provides access to scholarly works (including some full-text publications) of The UWI researchers; c. A resource which can be used for assessment and promotion; d. A centralised database of biodata and other information (research activities/interests, publications, projects) often required by funding agencies; e. Increased funding opportunities; f. Promotes research visibility.

Is all my information in UWIScholar public?

No, not all profile information is made publicly available. Publicly available sections are: Bio Information (Contact Details, same information as available in The UWI staff directory), Research Interests, Research Activity, Public Service, Education and Training, Memberships and Social Media.

How do I register with UWIScholar?

Setting up an account at UWIScholar is quite simple, here are the instructions:

  1. Go to the UWIScholar homepage: https://uwi.edu/uwischolar
  2. Click on LOGIN (top right on menu).
  3. Click on REGISTER. In the form presented, enter information in all fields (name, email, Campus). Your e-mail address should be your current UWI address. Choose a password. Click on Register when you have completed the form.
  4. Two validation e-mails (Registration Confirmation and Account activated) will be sent to your UWI e-mail address.
    • First email (Registration confirmation) reads as follows: You have successfully registered for the UWIScholar. Your account will be verified and you will receive an email of confirmation. Please contact UWIScholar@sta.uwi. if you require any additional assistance.
    • Second email (Account activated) reads as follows: Your account has been activated. Proceed to login here: Login (Click on this login link to login to your account)
  5. To Sign in to your account in the future: Click on LOGIN (top right on menu). Enter your UWI e-mail address and password you entered to create the account. TIP: Selecting Remember Me will automatically save this information.

What content can be uploaded to UWIScholar?

UWIScholar supports all scholarly/research activity for print and non-print formats including blogs, books, book chapters, codes, conference proceedings, datasets, journal articles, manuals, theses, movieclips, news items, paintings, photographs, reports and videos. If you are engaged in any type of activity that is not listed please contact UWIScholar@sta.uwi.edu and we will add support for it.

How do I upload content to create a Scholar Profile?

You can add content to create a Scholar Profile by following these two steps: (1) Logging into your account (2) Adding data from your CV to build your Scholar Profile in the Scholar Module.

How do I revise a submission or update data in UWIScholar?

Once you have created a profile in UWIScholar, you may edit your profile information. Simply click on the ACTIONS or EDIT button, enter your changes and save. You will need to login to UWIScholar periodically and update information in all sections as needed.

How is content added to UWIScholar reviewed and validated?

Qualified staff at the Alma Jordan Library will review and validate content added to UWIScholar.

Can UWIScholar store the full-text of my work/works?

UWIScholar does not store full text, it provides the bibliographic information required to identify the work (in the Research Activity Field). If the full text for your work is available freely via open access this work will be made available in UWISpace (The UWI Institutional repository). For copyrighted works, if AJL receives the required copyright permissions the full-text of your work will also be made accessible via UWISpace. A URL will be provided in the citation record in UWIScholar linking to the full text of the deposited work in UWISpace.

How does UWIScholar protect copyrighted works?

For the majority of works, only the bibliographic information can be viewed via UWIScholar. However, in some cases (for example where copyright permissions have been obtained or the work is freely available via open access), links will be provided to the full-text of the work in UWISpace (The UWI institutional repository). Authors retain copyright of their work.

Who can I contact if I have questions about UWIScholar?