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Dr. Wendell Codrington Wallace Lecturer Behavioural Sciences The tourism/crime relationship , juvenile delinquency , gangs , policing , child abuse , law and law reform Contact U.W.I
Mrs. Marlyn Angela DeLisser Contact U.W.I
Dr. Dianne Annell Williams Lecturer - Criminology Unit Behavioural Sciences Police Reform , Prison Reform , Juvenile Justice , Restorative Justice , Crime and Media , Professionalism and Ethics , Social Justice , Reoffender Reintegration and Recidivism Contact U.W.I
Dr. Allan Patenaude Lecturer - Criminology Behavioural Sciences Social and Cultural Anthropology , Qualitative Research , Program Evaluation , Social Theory , Criminology , Criminal Justice , Juvenile Justice , Prisons , Probation & Parole Contact U.W.I
Dr. Madgerie Jameson-Charles Lecturer School of Education Youth development , TVET , Making Transitions , Learning and Instruction in Higher Education , Assessment , Workforce Development , Adult Education , The Mature Learner Contact U.W.I
Mr. Delroy Banks Contact U.W.I
Ms. Delores Douglas Contact U.W.I
Mr. Delroy Pinto Contact U.W.I
Dellon Mathison Contact U.W.I
Delon Williams Contact U.W.I
Sally Delancy Contact U.W.I
Delycia Romany Contact U.W.I
Mrs. Kareen Delrose Guscott Contact U.W.I
Ms. Barbara Deloris Waul Contact U.W.I
Ms. Sakoia Delgado Coore Contact U.W.I
Ms. Beverley Delcita Malcolm Contact U.W.I
Ms. Shaneike Andeana Dellion Contact U.W.I
Mr. Noel Delrio Morgan Contact U.W.I
Dr. Jacqueline Delores Bridge Lecturer - Theoretical & Appl. Mech.; Vibrations; Ind.Automation & AI Applications; Mgr. - Trinity&Canada Halls Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Nonlinear dynamics , Mathematical Sciences , Theoretical and Applied Mechanics , Phase Space , Initial Condition Contact U.W.I
Ms. Hazelle Deloris Jones Contact U.W.I