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Dr. Saravana Kumar Duraisamy Senior Lecturer (Plant Pathology) Food Production Plant Disease Diagnosis , Molecular Biology , Microbiology , Biocontrol Contact U.W.I
Dr. Ravi Teja Chitturi Suryaprakash Lecturer School of Dentistry Oral pathology , oral biology , forensic odontology , oral microbiology Contact U.W.I
Dr. Stanley Lawrence Giddings Lecturer Clinical Medical Sciences General Infectious Diseases , Clinical microbiology , Antibiotic resistant bacteria , Antimicrobial stewardship Contact U.W.I
Dr. Jayaraj Jayaraman Professor - Plant Biotechnology and Plant Microbiology Life Sciences Microbiology , biocontrol , plant pathogens , plant transformation , disease resistance Contact U.W.I
Ms. Michelle Georgiana Brown Contact U.W.I
Mr. Michael George Henry Contact U.W.I
Dr. Michael Samuel AnthFitz-Henley Contact U.W.I
Mr. Everton Michael Bailey Contact U.W.I
Mr. Michael Roger Leitch Contact U.W.I
Mr. Michael Livingston Williamson Contact U.W.I
Mr. Dennis Michael Samuels Contact U.W.I
Ms. Michelle Andrea Tyndale Contact U.W.I
Mr. Michael Marlon Stewart Contact U.W.I
Ms. Kim-Michael GeorgiaBlack Contact U.W.I
Dr. Michelle Angela Munroe Contact U.W.I
Dr. Michael Jerome Morris Lecturer - Theriogenology School of Veterinary Medicine Endocrinology , Agricultural Economics , Food Science Contact U.W.I
Mr. Michael Joseph Card Contact U.W.I
Dr. Michael St. Aubyn Boyne Contact U.W.I
Dr. Michele Antoinette Williams Contact U.W.I
Dr. Michael Emerson ClaMcFarlane Contact U.W.I