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Mrs. Yvonne Bernadette Green Contact U.W.I
Dr. Robert Omar Norman Green Contact U.W.I
Mr. Kewayne Orlando Green Contact U.W.I
Dr. Claudine Elizabeth Green Contact U.W.I
Mr. Adrian Anthony Green Contact U.W.I
Mrs. Llorenia Muir-Green Contact U.W.I
Mr. Andre Michael Green Contact U.W.I
karen Greenidge-Johnson Contact U.W.I
Dr. Wayne Gregor Ganpat Dean Faculty of Food and Agriculture Agronomy , Agricultural Plant Science Contact U.W.I
Mr. Daren Sajivan Dhoray IT Officer - Web Master Campus Information Technology Services Design , Digital Anthropology , Cyber Safety , Green Spaces , Plant Walls Contact U.W.I
Dr. Abrahams Patton Mwasha Lecturer - Construction Materials Civil & Environmental Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering Green Technology , Civil Engineer , Green Engineering and waste materials management (Recycle, Reuse and Reduce) , Expansive Soils research , Biodegradable Geotextiles , Facilities Management including, Health and safety, lighting, acoustics, human Comfort in Buildings , Air traffic Controller , Fa├žade Engineer Contact U.W.I
Dr. Govind Seepersad Lecturer Agricultural Economics and Extension Business Administration , Agricultural Plant Science , Agronomy , Agricultural Economics , Business Ethics , Entrepreneurial Economics Contact U.W.I
Dr. Andanappa Karisiddappa Gadad Senior Lecturer School of Pharmacy Chemistry , Organic Chemistry , Pharmacology , Organometallic Chemistry , Chemical Biology , Analytical Chemistry , Biochemistry , Chemo-informatics , Spectroscopy , Green Chemistry , Inorganic Chemistry Contact U.W.I
Grete Pasch Contact U.W.I
Mr. Jameel Vas Gregory Contact U.W.I
Mr. Gregory Burnell Contact U.W.I
Wendy Grenade Contact U.W.I
Mr. Gregory Jennings Manager I.T. Academy Computing and Technical Services Department Contact U.W.I
Dr. Gregory Gouveia Lecturer - Soil Science Food Production Environmental Soil Chemistry , Analytical Services Chemistry Contact U.W.I
Ms. Corinne Gregoire Economics Labour Markets , Poverty , Inequality Contact U.W.I