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Dr. Bishnu Ragoonath Head of Department Political Science Governance , Citizen Participation , Political Participation , Local Governance , Public Management , Good Governance , Decentralization , Capacity Building , Impact Assessment , Development Cooperation , Government Regulation Contact U.W.I
Dr. Govind Seepersad Lecturer Agricultural Economics and Extension Business Administration , Agricultural Plant Science , Agronomy , Agricultural Economics , Business Ethics , Entrepreneurial Economics Contact U.W.I
Richard Goodridge Contact U.W.I
Mrs. Mala Dadhnie Gooden Contact U.W.I
Ms. Shana-Kay Sariann Gooden Contact U.W.I
Mrs. Joyce Heloies Goode-Jones Contact U.W.I
Mrs. Natricia Carolyn Goodwin-Brown Contact U.W.I
Mrs. Lydia Mae Gooden-Gordon Contact U.W.I
Mrs. Antoinette Odette Barton-Gooden Contact U.W.I
Sharon Alexander-Gooding Contact U.W.I
Dr. Marsha Andrea Gooden Contact U.W.I
Ms. Shirley-Ann Marsha Gooden Contact U.W.I
Mrs. Carolyn Lisa Sahadath-Gooding Senior Accountant Bursary Contact U.W.I
Dr. Wayne Sylvester Goodridge Lecturer Computing and Information Technology Communication networks , student management systems , decision support systems , medical applications and software engineering Contact U.W.I
Bilqees Ali-Govia Contact U.W.I
Dr. Ishtar Olivier Govia Contact U.W.I
Ambika Gookool Contact U.W.I
Dr. Anne-Marie Mohammed Head of Department - Lecturer Economics Industrial economics , regulatory economic , seconomics of crime Contact U.W.I
Dr. Anna Kasafi Perkins Senior Programme Officer Offce - Bd Undergrad Studies Quality Assurance , Evaluation And Enhancement , Business And Professional Research , Theological Ethics Contact U.W.I
Prof. rohanie maharaj Programme Coordinator for Food Science and Technology, Faculty Engineering, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus, Trinidad and Tobago Chemical Engineering Nutrition , Health and Wellness , Postharvest technology , Good Agricultural Practices to facilitate Agro processing , Good Manufacturing Practices and HACCP , Food Regulations and Compliance , Culinary Development and Innovation for the Food Service Industry , Techno-economic studies for the Food and Beverage Industry Contact U.W.I