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Dr. Sean Anthony Rocke Lecturer - Communications Systems Electrical and Computing Engineering Educational Technology , Biomedical Engineering , Communication Engineering , Information and Communication Technology , Computer Networking , Simulation and Modeling , Wireless Networks , Discrete Event Simulation , Parameter Estimation , Sensitivity Analysis Contact U.W.I
Mr. Creton Everald Simpson Contact U.W.I
Dr. Disraeli MontgomeryHutton Contact U.W.I
Dr. Dhurjati Prasad Chakrabarti Senior Lecturer Chemical Engineering Multiphase flow , reaction engineering , transport phenomena , Modeling and simulation , Multiphase flow , reaction engineering , transport phenomena , Modeling and simulation Contact U.W.I
Prof. Donald Trevor Simeon Director, Caribbean Centre for Health Systems Research and Development School of Medicine Nutritional Epidemiology , Human Nutrition , Community Nutrition , Non-Communicable Disease , Public Health , Epidemiology , Health System Research Contact U.W.I
Dr. Everson James Peters Head of Department - Water Resources & Environmental Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering Environmental Science , Water Science , Irrigation and Water Management Contact U.W.I
Dr. Richelle Adams Lecturer-Communication Systems Electrical and Computing Engineering infinitesimal perturbation analysis for active queue management in communication networks , simulation of queuing systems. Contact U.W.I
Evelyn Ocallaghan Contact U.W.I
Prof. Alexandra EvegenievRodkina Contact U.W.I
Prof. Barbara Evelyn Bailey Contact U.W.I
Dr. Marie Evett AngeliaFreckleton Contact U.W.I
Mr. Al-Jerome Denvero Everett Contact U.W.I
Mr. Everton Michael Bailey Contact U.W.I
Mr. Everton Lloyd Smith Contact U.W.I
Dr. Mervin Everton Chisholm Contact U.W.I
Mr. Everton Audley DehaCummings Contact U.W.I
Mr. Everold St. Clair Finnikin Contact U.W.I
Mr. Everton Anthony Hall Contact U.W.I
Mrs. Greta Veronica Everett Contact U.W.I
Ms. Evelyn Rebecca Walker Contact U.W.I