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The prevalence of recurring medical conditions among dental patients at a community-based dental clinic in Trinidad

Balkaran R, Harracksingh A. Deosaran S, Gafoor N, Haripersaud D, Jackson K, Lutchmedial R, Maharaj A, Rajcoomar N, Ramharacksingh A, Sewalia V

Ramaa Lalita Balkaran

J Oral Health Comm Dent





Objective: To describe the prevalence of medication used by patients of a community based dental clinic and the prevalence of their various medical conditions Materials and Methods: One hundred patients attending a community-based Dental Clinic were invited to participate in this study. Data were collected via a self-administered questionnaire which was distributed to a convenience sample. Descriptive data such as ages, gender, medical conditions and medication used were recorded. The patients’ medical conditions were then classified into general groups and analysed using SPSS version22. Results: The participants had a mean age of 42. The majority (58%) were female. Most (49%) participants were Afro-Trinidadians. The vast majority (83%) did not have a dentist. Some (17%) participants had been hospitalized for either illness and/or surgery in the past. Most (56%) participants were not taking any form of medication while 44% of participants displayed a wide range of mediation use. Some (30%) had only one medical condition present, 14% were on a combination of medical drugs, in order to treat multiple medical conditions. The medical conditions with the highest prevalence were hypertension (14%), diabetes (11%) and ophthalmic disease (7%). Conclusion: These findings emphasise the array of medical conditions which must be taken into consideration in the dental setting as systemic health issues and their associated medications play an important role in treatment planning.



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