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Measuring sustainability and effectiveness of social value creation by sector actors/social enterprises, within Developing Countries

Knife, Kadamawe and Haughton, Andre and Dixon, Edward

Andre Yone Textron Haughton

Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal




Studies ; Sustainability ; Nongovernmental Organizations–Ngos ; Regression Analysis ; Entrepreneurs ; Developing Countries–Ldcs ; Strategic Planning ; Social Entrepreneurship ; Endowment ; Social Responsibility ; Experiment/Theoretical Treatment ; Non-Profit Institutions


There has been proliferation of endowments, foundations, NGOs and other organisations operating within many developing countries over the past 20 years as social entrepreneurs/enterprises. These organisations have been supporting and working in developing countries, attempting to transform the quality of lives of their beneficiaries; essentially creating social value. While there is evidence on output and outcome from programmes, there is little evidence of meaningful, sustained impact and hence effectiveness, despite millions of dollars being spent. The lack of this evidence begs the question of the justification for continued funding, state benefits and tax exemptions for the programmes. Additionally, it raises the issue of sustainability of the intervention process, given that the primary source of funding for many of these organisations is grants and/or philanthropic contributions. The paper adopts the Ashoka Foundation's lead, which measures sustainability/vulnerability of supporting...

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