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Weh Wi Deh / Veh Vi Is / Where We Are: Teaching and Researching Academic Writing in the Caribbean

Milson-Whyte, Vivette and Oenbring, Raymond and Jaquette, Brianne

Vivette Ruth Milson-Whyte

Composition studies




Anglophones ; College campuses ; Communication ; Core curriculum ; Creole languages ; Creoles ; Education ; Language ; Linguistics ; Literacy ; Rhetoric ; Student writing ; Teaching ; Writing instruction


[...]due to the competing influences of British and American educational discourses and due to the lack of substantial "homegrown" discourses on writing instruction, academic writing courses are known at Anglophone Caribbean postsecondary institutions by various names, including: academic writing, use of English, communication, English composition, writing and rhetoric, freshman composition, English for academic purposes, critical reading and writing, and, finally, academic literacy/ies. [...]of the name of the class or the approach taken, the development of academic writing instruction in the Caribbean region in the last few decades may be understood as a function of: (a) colonial history; (b) changing cohorts of students; and (c) exposure to developments in writing studies elsewhere (see, for example, Milson-Whyte, Academic Writing Instruction, and Oenbring and Milson-Whyte). Later still, in the new millennium and based on faculty interest in and engagements with Writing Across the Curriculum and Writing in the Disciplines, UWI faculty designed courses to help students develop reading and writing skills appropriate for the disciplines in which they study-through courses deemed discipline-specific or faculty-specific (for more on this history, see Milson-Whyte's Academic Writing Instruction for Creole-Influenced Students). [...]the opportunities for strategic partnerships between institutions and organizations within and outside the region, and for research, are

University of Massachusetts Boston


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