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Towards an alternative tourism for Belize

Boxill, Ian

Ian O'Brian Boxill

International journal of contemporary hospitality management




Alternatives ; Cultural tourism ; Culture ; Economic development ; Ecotourism ; Education ; Environmental impact ; Festivals ; Geographic profiles ; Public policy ; Tourism


This paper argues that tourism development in Belize should avoid going the traditional mass tourism route of most Caribbean destinations. Instead, it suggests that Belize is at the appropriate stage in its development to forge an alternative model, which draws and builds on its geographical location, history, culture and ecology. In making this case, the paper identifies a number of limiting and facilitating factors to tourism development. These facilitating factors recommend the alternative model. Specifically, the alternative model includes nature, education and community tourism; and a type of cruise tourism that is linked to education and culture. For this effort to succeed, the paper recommends that government and civil society work together to develop the country’s human resources and to structure a strategy to achieve the goals.



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