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Pursuing CPD in the Caribbean: individual quest versus organizational goal

Gosine-Boodoo, Meerabai and Mc Nish, Mark

Meerabai Gosine-Boodoo

Journal of Librarianship and Information Science





CaribbeanContinuing Professional DevelopmentLibrariansMotivationComparative Studies


This study explores Caribbean librarians’ perceptions on continuing professional development (CPD) as it relates to employer support, personal interest and motivation. CPD literature was reviewed and a questionnaire designed. Hypotheses were tested based upon the following questions: do clearly defined CPD policies motivate librarians to pursue CPD activities?; are librarians motivated to pursue CPD where their organizations have formal programmes?; and are librarians who pursue CPD motivated primarily by the possibility of professional advancement? Data were obtained from 100 librarians mainly from academic, public and special libraries. Respondents showed a clear personal interest in CPD and were motivated to participate regardless of organizational support. A direct relationship was observed between CPD motivation and professional advancement. Personal and professional ambition appeared to be the main driver of respondents’ interest in CPD participation.


Sage Publications: London, England


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