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Conference/Workshop/Seminar Presentation

Librarian and Lecturer A Partnership? From Then Until Now: 2005-2020

Petronetta Pierre - Robertson

Petra Pierre-Robertson


Libraries and Archives in the Virtual Realm



CollaborationInformation LitereacyLibrary InstructionLibrarian and Lecturer

This presentation will trace the relevance of librarians in a changing context, by drawing on the experience of building scheduled instruction sessions into a proposal for a full course for credit. COVID-19 engendered need for adaptation of the proposal into a fully online course. The process of designing the course will be shared. The role of Librarian as Lecturer will also be explored against the backdrop of the then and the now. The presentation will also stress that a course for credit does not negate the need for an information literacy program. In doing so, it will pull from the literature which reveals that the two work side-by-side. Drawing on over 20 years as a Library Director, and now charged with the responsibility of library literacy instruction in a new professional area, the presentation will trace how an information literacy program involving scheduled orientation and instruction sessions can be drawn on or used as a springboard in the development of a proposal for a full course for credit. I will provide considerations, strategies and tips and tricks.


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