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New directions in earth system governance research

Burch, Sarah and Gupta, Aarti and Inoue, Cristina Y. A. and Kalfagianni, Agni and Persson, Åsa and Gerlak, Andrea K. and Ishii, Atsushi and Patterson, James and Pickering, Jonathan and Scobie, Michelle and Van der Heijden, Jeroen and Vervoort, Joost and Adler, Carolina and Bloomfield, Michael and Djalante, Riyanti and Dryzek, John and Galaz, Victor and Gordon, Christopher and Harmon, Renée and Jinnah, Sikina and Kim, Rakhyun E. and Olsson, Lennart and Van Leeuwen, Judith and Ramasar, Vasna and Wapner, Paul and Zondervan, Ruben

Michelle Veronica Scobie

Earth System Governance





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