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Toronto youths embrace “Play with Poetry": a creative literacy initiative

Gosine-Boodoo, Meerabai and Gosine, Vitra

Meerabai Gosine-Boodoo



PoetryCreative LiteracyYouth LiteracyCanadaCommunity Engagement

This report describes the design, implementation and outcomes of a creative literacy program entitled, “Play with Poetry” (PWP) which was hosted in 2010 by the Imagine Group from Toronto, Canada. PWP 2010 was presented as the pilot for a community service project entitled, “Write, Live, Love” envisioned by the Group as a series of out-of-school programs that would combine poetry, the visual arts, and language to uplift and empower youths. PWP 2010 was delivered to forty Canadian urban youths, aged ten to fourteen by a team of professionals who sought to advance the participants’ creativity along with their communication skills and abilities. The outcomes suggest that programs which are so designed and executed would inspire, release and guide creative expression as well as strengthen the life skills of participants.


GRIN Publishing Munich, Germany


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