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Social entrepreneurship: Reducing crime and improving the perception of Police performance within Developing Countries

K'Nife, K'Adamawe and Haughton, Andre

Andre Yone Textron Haughton

International Journal of Entrepreneurship



Crime Prevention ; Police ; Image ; Public Safety ; Studies ; Developing Countries–Ldcs ; Stakeholders ; Unemployment ; Informal Economy ; Social Entrepreneurship ; Social Responsibility ; Experiment/Theoretical Treatment ; International


Several strategies and have been attempted in resolving the escalating crime problem in developing countries. The traditional 'Use of Force' approach has been found ineffective while the newer approach of improving 'Citizen's Security' is questioned as to its sustainability. This research uses a mixed methodology approach of regression analysis and focus group session, to examine the factors that impact the stakeholder's perception of police performance within developing countries. The police are considered to be a key stakeholder, yet is the least trusted. Data is retrieve from a Community Policing Survey amongst a total of 3000 adults island-wide (Jamaica), using a nationally representative sample. The results show that interaction with citizens, ability to control crime; trust, confidence and fear are significant in explaining the perception of police performance. These elements are also critical in bolstering and sustaining social inclusive partnerships and strategies. The discussion...

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