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Global Collective for Study Abroad Researchers and Administrators

Founding Member. A network of scholars, administrators, and practitioners who seek to promote equitable, inclusive, and decolonizing research on study abroad and international student mobility from Global South perspectives. With support from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, we aspire to: Foster research that gives greater voice to internationally mobile students from the Global South, using various methodological perspectives to explore their experiences and with the same attention bestowed on their counterparts from the Global North. Cultivate study abroad research that originates in Global South universities, whether focused on in-bound or out-bound sojourners, the role of the institution or individual hosts, or on any other aspect of international student mobility. Facilitate partnerships between Global South and Global North researchers and administrators that favor equitable and inclusive research and its free availability to scholars and other stakeholders globally, including in translation. Promote research, and its dissemination, that draws on alternative epistemologies and situated cultural understandings beyond the purview of mainstream study abroad research, including in non-dominant languages. Generate research and connections that favor more equitable access to study abroad experiences and designed to maximize benefit for all stakeholders whose objectives and practices are benign, ethical, and sustainable.


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