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History, Violence and Self-Glorification in Afro-Mexican "corridos" from Costa Chica de Guerrero

Paulette A. Ramsay

Paulette Angela Ramsay

Bulletin of Latin American Research





'The poetry, the culture itself, exists not in a dictionary but in the tradition of the spoken word. It is based as much on sound as it is on song. That is to say, the noise that it makes is part of the meaning, and if you ignore the noise (or what you would think of as noise, shall I say), then you lose part of the meaning.' (Braithwaite, 1984) 'Y no importa si es el calipso de Trinidad, o "dancehall" de Jamaica, o el choteo cubano o el chuchumbé mexicano, la expresión popular afro de toda la región ha tendido a aprovecharse del "relajamiento" como arma en socavar la estructura social dominante y a reconstruir un individuo más liberado.' (Pereira, 1995)

[Wiley, Society for Latin American Studies (SLAS)]


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