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Gestational diabetes and periodontal disease in Trinidad-A pilot study

Ramaa Balkaran, Surujpal Teelucksingh, Fallon Lutchmansingh , Rahul Naidu, Reisha Rafeek

Caribbean Medical Journal



Objective To determine the prevalence of periodontitis in patients with and without gestational diabetes in Trinidad. Methods A convenience sample was obtained from antenatal clinic collaborating sites; patients were invited to undergo oral examinations at the School of Dentistry. The basic periodontal examination (BPE) assessed the periodontal disease status in all patients, the examiner was blinded to the GD status. Results There were 65 women who participated in the study, of which 13 had gestational diabetes and 52 did not. The mean age was 34.32 years and 43.1% and 35.4% of participants were Afro-Trinidadian and Indo-Trinidadian respectively. Reversible stages of periodontal disease were present in most participants (63.1%). Signs of severe periodontal disease (BPE scores 3 and 4) were more prevalent in the non-GD group and the Afro-Trinidadian group. Conclusion These data provide the first insight into the periodontal status of patients with and without gestational diabetes. The non-GD group showed a higher prevalence of severe periodontal disease compared to the group with GD.



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