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Conference/Workshop/Seminar Presentation

Librarian as Creator

Petronetta Pierre - Robertson

Petra Pierre-Robertson

Department of Library and Information Science, UWI, Mona

DLIS@50: Celebrating Education, Innovation, and Collaboration in an Everchanging world



Librarians and CreativityLibrarians and FictionIntimate Partner ViolenceSexual HarassmentStreet HarassmentViolence Against Women and GirlsCaribbean Fiction

Through a reflective case study, the author explores how her creation and telling of stories served to provide information, convey messages, and raise awareness, about the issue of violence against women and girls. Her role as a librarian nurtured her creativity. She disseminated information from her creative works via roundtables, read aloud activities and presentations of the themes raised in her creative works both face-to-face and online to students, and the community. The author drew upon the literature in her discussion of how librarians may utilise creativity in the dissemination of information. She concurs that the role and function of librarians can nurture creativity. As an interdisciplinary, third-space professional, she believes that writing creatively is not separate from her role as a librarian. She cited challenges encountered in writing.


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