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Thermal energy storage techniques

Adeyanju, AA

Anthony Ademola Adeyanju

Sci-Afric Journal of Scientific Issues, Research and Essays





Energey storageTechniquesWater storagePacked-bed storagePhase change storage


Various types of energy storage techniques are reviewed and their performances in storing energy compared in this study. Water storage systems required very large volume for large heat storage capacities and corrosion problem for long operation periods. There is also stratification problem and due to this controls are required. Scale formation is another problem with such systems. With packed-bed storage there is no corrosion or scale forming problem but volume of the system might increase with an increase in cost. On the other hand by the use of phase change storage systems, large volumes required by the other two types are eliminated because of the bond interaction of the storage material and the container, storage material loses its energy storage characteristics after a period of time.



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