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Transposing Reflective Practices: Learning to Teach Abroad

Maynard, D-M. (2019)

Donna-Maria Maynard

Teaching to Discern: Forming connections, decolonizing perspectives

H. A. Estévez

Ediciones Unisalle.


Bogotá, Colombia

Reflective practice has been recognized by many as a vital part of the teaching and learning process (Brookfield, 2005; Quinton & Smallbone, 2010). In this chapter I outline my experience as a lecturer, from two different cultural contexts, and my reflections on my visiting scholar, in yet a new cultural context with the additional feature of a foreign language. I share this phase of my professional development journey, where I participated in a teaching abroad programme, to demonstrate the features and processes involved in the emerging reflective lecturer. Having been selected to be a visiting scholar in the Summer Program at the Universidad De La Salle I taught a university undergraduate course in counselling. Here, I share my personal teaching philosophy, informed by Piaget’s theory of learning which supports the use of exercises that afford students the opportunity to play an active role in their learning. I discuss the theoretical insights which I garnered and considered to be important for teaching abroad. In addition, I provide an overview of the pre-service emerging reflective teacher training (PERTT; Jules & Maynard, 2015) model; the theoretical framework that informed the pedagogical methods that I employed with the students in the Counselling course in the Summer Program. The PERTT model exhibits the important characteristics of the psychosocial environment that promote the development of reflective practices and features the key actors, interactions and outcomes in the behaviour-change processes essential to teaching and learning.


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