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Investigating the beach predictions of a new long-term numerical morphological model- A Caribbean context

Villarroel-Lamb, Deborah

Deborah Villarroel-Lamb



beach morphologywave transformation modelingnumerical modeling


A recently developed beach change model was investigated to assess its predictive capability with respect to shoreline change. This investigation formed part of a number of analyses being conducted to assess the capability of the numerical model. The model was firstly compared to a commonly used commercial model to assess its output on wave and sediment responses. Secondly, the beach changes were investigated to determine a likely probability density function for the shoreline responses. A number of probability density functions were compared with the results and critical deductions were made. Lastly, the new beach change model has a distinctive feature which attempts to reduce the model runtime to promote greater use. This wave-averaging feature was investigated to determine model performance as parameters were changed. It was shown that the model compares favorably to the commercial package in some aspects, but not all. The shoreline response may be best described by a single probability density function, which makes it quite suitable for quantitative risk analyses. Lastly, the wave-averaging feature can be used to reduce runtime although this requires the user to apply sound judgment in the analyses.



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