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Sleep disorders and behavioral disorders in Jamaican children with epilepsy: A case–control study

Graham, Leohrandra and Gossell-Williams, Maxine and Tapper, Judy and Melbourne-Chambers, Roxanne

Epilepsy & behavior



Epilepsy ; Child ; Sleep Disorders ; Behavioral Disorders ; Jamaica ; AED ; Cwe ; DES ; Dims ; Doa ; Sbd ; Sh ; Swtd ; Sdq ; Sdsc ; Epilepsy ; Child ; Sleep Disorders ; Behavioral Disorders ; Jamaica

Children with epilepsy (CWE) are more likely to have sleep and behavioral disorders. With differences in reports, the aim was to evaluate sleep and behavior in Jamaican CWE and determine any association with epilepsy-related variables. Children with epilepsy were identified along with age and gender-matched controls from the University Hospital of the West Indies and the Bustamante Hospital for Children. Written informed consent was obtained followed by the completion of questionnaires assessing sleep, behavior, and background of both cases and controls. Parents of 61 children (26 cases and 35 controls) participated in the study. There was no difference in sleep scores or frequency of sleep disorders between cases and controls (p?>?0.05). Children with epilepsy had worse scores than controls in peer problems (3.85 vs 2.32, p?

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