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Effects of Vehicular Emissions on Human Health

Anthony A. Adeyanju

Anthony Ademola Adeyanju


Journal of Clean Energy Technologies





Vehicular emissionsHealth effectsSurveyLagos

The study investigates the concentrations of CO, NO2, SO2, CO2 and HC arising mainly from the activities of motor vehicles, on the ambient air quality of selected sites in the Lagos metropolis and the locations of Oshodi, Ojota, Yaba and Lekki. The final location (Lekki) was used as a control. Results from dry season vehicular emission monitoring indicate that the average CO concentration at the Oshodi site peaked at 29.04 ppm. The site also recorded the highest concentrations for NO2, SO2, CO2 and HC at 0.042ppm, 0.040 ppm, 370.92 ppm and 0.030 ppm respectively. In the wet season, Oshodi also recorded highest CO concentrations at 18.72 ppm. NO2 was highest at 0.03 ppm in Yaba and Ojota. Both Oshodi and Ojota areas recorded the highest SO2 concentration at 0.032 ppm. Oshodi recorded the highest concentrations for both CO2 and HC at 370.92 ppm and 0.028 ppm respectively



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