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Conclusions: tourism, crime and terrorism: what are the risks, challenges and policy options?

Clayton, Anthony and Boxill, Ian

Ian O'Brian Boxill

Worldwide hospitality and tourism themes




Decision making ; National security ; Studies ; Sustainable development ; Terrorism ; Tourism ; Violent crime ; Writers


Purpose - This paper aims to conclude the theme issues and identify the respective contributions from each paper to identifying the risks, challenges and policy options posed by crime and terrorism for tourism development.Design methodology approach - The paper reviews the conclusions and practical implications of research, secondary analysis and interviews with practitioners.Findings - The theme issue advocates a combination of both hard and soft policing measures and educational programs targeting youth which emphasise the avoidance of criminal behaviour; improving planning and decision making mechanisms with regard to security measures; and the implementation of a fully integrated national security system, which recognizes tourist security as part of the larger national security for all citizens.Practical implications - At the broader policy level, the theme issue recommends that governments aim to achieve a more equitable distribution of the earnings from tourism nationally and greater focus on impoverished communities, especially in close proximity to the tourist resorts.Originality value - The paper draws on extensive secondary analysis to examine the relationships between crime, terrorism and tourism development and identifies the key issues and policy options for industry and government stakeholders.

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