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  1. Sleep disorders and behavioral disorders in Jamaican children with epilepsy: A case–control study more..


    Maxine Deborah Gossell-Williams

    Graham, Leohrandra and Gossell-Williams, Maxine and Tapper, Judy and Melbourne-Chambers, Roxanne

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  2. Risperidone Provides Better Improvement of Sleep Disturbances Than Haloperidol Therapy in Schizophrenia Patients With Cannabis-Positive Urinalysis more..


    Maxine Deborah Gossell-Williams

    Thomas-Brown, Peta-Gaye L and Martin, Jacqueline S and Sewell, Clayton A and Abel, Wendel D and Gossell-Williams, Maxine D

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  3. Impact of sleep quality on the quality of life of patients with Parkinson’s disease: a questionnaire based study more..


    Sureshwar Pandey

    Pandey, Shweta and Bajaj, Bhupender Kumar and Wadhwa, Ankur and Anand, Kuljeet Singh


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  4. An Anterior Anastomosis for the Modified Fontan Connection: A Hemodynamic Analysis more..


    Shelly Singh-Gryzbon

    Wei, Z.A., Ratnayaka, K., Biao, S., Singh-Gryzbon, S., Cetatoiu, M.A., Fogel, M.A., Slesnick, T., Yoganathan, A., Nigro, J

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  5. The relationship between socio-demographics and stress levels, stressors, and coping mechanisms among undergraduate students at a university in Barbados. more..


    Nadini Persaud

    Persaud, Nadini & Persaud, Indeira

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