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  1. Developing sustainable balance of payments in small countries : lessons from macroeconomic deadlock in Jamaica / Andre Haughton. more..


    Andre Yone Textron Haughton

    Haughton, Andre, author

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  2. The first report of the snail-eating snake Dipsas variegata (Duméril, Bibron and Duméril) on Trinidad, its relationship to Dipsas trinitatis Parker (Squamata, Dipsadidae), and a discussion of microcephalic and macrocephalic ecomorphs in Dipsas. more..


    Michael Gordon Rutherford

    Murphy, John C


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  3. Assessment of the Economic Impact of Climate Change on CARICOM Countries more..


    Marlene Attzs

    Vergara, Walter and Haites, Erik and Pantin, Dennis and Attzs, Marlene and Bruce, James and MacKinnon, Jamie


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  4. Biodiversity and ecosystem risks arising from using guppies to control mosquitoes more..


    Dawn Arlene Teresa Phillip

    El-Sabaawi, Rana W and Frauendorf, Therese C and Marques, Piata S and Mackenzie, Richard A and Manna, Luisa R and Mazzoni, Rosana and Phillip, Dawn AT and Warbanski, Misha L and Zandona, Eugenia


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  5. Landscape transformation during Ceramic Age and Colonial Occupations of Barbuda, West Indies. more..


    Michael James Burn

    Bain, A., Faucher, A., Kennedy, L.M., LeBlanc, A.R., Burn, M.J., Boger, R. and Perdikaris, S.

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  6. Flow cytometry as the spearhead for delivering sustainable and versatile laboratory services to HIV-burdened health care systems of the developing world: A Caribbean model more..


    Clive Landis

    Abayomi, E.A., and Landis, Clive

    URL: 10.1002/cyto.b.20400

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