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  1. Sero-epidemiology of Canine Leptospirosis in Trinidad: Serovars, Implications for Vaccination and Public Health more..


    Abiodun Adesiyun

    Adesiyun, AA and Hull-jackson, C and Mootoo, N and Halsall, S and Bennett, R and Clarke, NR and Whittington, CU and Seepersadsingh, N


    Contribution of > ARTICLE

  2. An Audit of the Epidemiology, Investigation and Management of Fertility Patients Attending the Gynaecology Clinic of the Public Hospital in Barbados more..

    Damian Best

    Best, D and McIntyre, G

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  3. Descriptive Epidemiology of Mortality and Morbidity of Health-Indicator Diseases in Hospitalized Children from Western Jamaica more..


    Tracy Denise Evans-Gilbert

    James E McCarthy ; Tracy Evans-Gilbert

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  4. Paediatric HIV/AIDS in Jamaica. A hospital-based description more..


    Tracy Denise Evans-Gilbert

    T Evans-Gilbert 1, I Hambleton, C A McKenzie, M Samms-Vaughan

    Contribution of > ARTICLE


  5. The Road to Morant Bay: Politics in Free Jamaica, 1838–1865 more..


    Swithin Ridgeway Wilmot

    Wilmot, Swithin

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