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  1. Differential escape patterns within the dominant HLA-B*57:03-restricted HIV Gag epitope reflect distinct clade-specific functional constraints more..


    Clive Landis

    Payne, R.P., Branch, S., Kløverpris, H., Matthews, P.C., Koofhethile, C.K., Strong, T., Adland, E., Leitman, E., Frater, J., Ndung'u, T., Hunter, E., Haubrich, R., Mothe, B., Jooste, J.P., Shapiro, R., Deeks, S.G., Walker, B.D., Brander, C., Landis, C., Carlson, J.M., Prado, J.G., Goulder, P.J.

    URL: 10.1128/JVI.03303-13

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  2. Plasmin activation of glial cells through protease-activated receptor (PAR)1 more..


    Clive Landis

    Greenidge, A.R., Hall, K.R., Hambleton, I.R., Thomas, R., Monroe, D.M., and Landis, R.C.


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  3. Fluid Geochemistry and Volcanic Unrest: Dissolving the Haze in Time and Space. more..


    Erouscilla Patricia Joseph

    1. Rouwet, D., Hidalgo, S., Joseph, E.P., González-Ilama, G.

    URL: doi: 10.1007/11157_2017_12

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  4. Proinflammatory activation of macrophages by basic calcium phosphate crystals via protein kinase C and MAP kinase pathways: a vicious cycle of inflammation and arterial calcification? more..


    Clive Landis

    Nadra , I., Mason, J.C., Philippidis, P., Florey, O., Smythe, C.D., McCarthy, G.M., Landis, R.C., and Haskard, D.O.

    URL: 10.1161/01.RES.0000171451.88616.c2

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  5. Favourable response of serum prostate-specific antigen to conjugated oestrogen in castrate-resistant prostate cancer in Jamaica more..


    Maxine Deborah Gossell-Williams

    Condappa, Andrew and Gossell-Williams, Maxine and Aiken, William

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  6. The ABCs of Managing Arboviruses in the Clinical more..


    Tracy Denise Evans-Gilbert

    Tracy Evans Gilbert

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